ProcessReady Columns

Pre-packed, ready-to-use ProcessReady columns are designed for easy scale-up and cost-effective bioprocessing for Phase I and Phase II clinical trial material, and are designed for use in single-use production workflows. Depending on scale, they can also be used for purification of biopharmaceuticals in PIII and commercial manufacturing, as well as for pre-clinical studies. 
Process development and up-scaling can be streamlined by using pre-packed, pre-qualified formats. Reproducibility within, and scalability across formats has been amply demonstrated, from HTPD work through optimization and verification and on to small-scale production.

Savings come from avoiding time-consuming operations like packing, packing evaluation and cleaning procedures. In addition,investment costs for packing hardware as well as the risk associated with packing failures and microbial contamination are significantly reduced.

ProcessReady columns are available in three sizes: 1.6L, 6.3L ad 14.1L (inner diameters of 10, 20 and 30 cm), all with a 20 cm bed height and packed with all particle size variations from the Praesto agarose family of products.
ProcessReady columns enable cost-effective, high-productivity MAb processing in a classic MAb platform process, including recombinant proteins and biomolecules.

Your advantages:
Time saved - by eliminating non-value-adding steps such as column packing, qualification, and sanitization 

  • Risk reduced – cross-contamination eliminated through use of closed units and disposal after completed production 
  • Process efficiencies – by quick change-over between projects 
  • Improve cost-efficiencies – time and labor savings plus lower buffer consumption and reduced cleaning validation demands provide significant cost reduction 
  • Off-the-shelf availability - no lengthy custom-packing process. 
The transparent column tube allows top and bottom bed inspection during chromatographic operations. Wetted materials are USP Class VI and free of animal origin. Each column is supplied with HETP, As and pressure/flow column test results.

ProcessReady columns are packed and quality tested by Atoll GmbH, and delivered documented and ready for use.
ProcessReady Columns - Ready-to-use columns for single use production workflows in PI and PII

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