Chromatography - Synthetic Resins

Chromalite® chromatography resins are versatile bulk processing media designed to be applied in different applications as analytical, preparative and industrial chromatography or other applications like Solid Phase Extraction and calibration. Chromalite resins are available as  non functionalised to be used as adsorbents and in reverse phase mode or functionalised with ion exchange groups for ion exchange chromatography or desalting.

Because of the rigid backbone structure, Chromalite resins assure excellent pressure and flow characteristics, and are stable over a 1-14 pH range.

Particle sizes vary from analytical HPLC grade (5 µm) to large scale chromatography (150-300 µm). Chromalite resins are an excellent alternative to silica based media, when pH stability, pressure (P) stability and chemical stability is required. They are ideal for down-stream processing for the separation of organic molecules and biomolecules such as proteins, aminoacids, peptides, oligonucleotides.

Chromatography - Synthetic resins Products by Application

Analytical Ion exchange chromatography