Praesto® Jetted SP35 and Q35

Praesto® SP and Q are ion exchange resins suitable for biomolecule purification, but optimized for downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies and proteins.

Manufactured with a highly cross-linked agarose base matrix, Praesto® Jetted SP35 μm (cation) and Praesto® 
Jetted Q35 μm (anion) are high resolution polishing resins for recombinant proteins and other biomolecules by the process of ion exchange chromatography. 

The strong ion exchange ligand groups of Praesto®

SP (sulfopropyl) and Praesto® Q (quarternary amine) are well established in large-scale purification. The narrow particle size distribution, achieved through patented Jetting technology, gives you higher dynamic binding capacities and improved column packing consistency and pressure/flow properties 

Ion Exchange Chromatography

Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) is used to separate molecules based on the strength of their overall ionic interaction with either negatively or positively charged groups on a resin.

By manipulating buffer conditions, such as pH and ionic strength, molecules of greater or lesser ionic character can be bound to or dissociated from the solid phase material. IEX supports may either be positively charged (anion binding), or negatively charged (cation binding).


Advantages of Jetting

Praesto® resins are the only agarose-based bioprocessing resins with uniform particle sizes.

Both Protein A and IEX resins produced with this technology offer:

  • Higher capacity
  • Longer lifetime
  • Improved resolution
  • Easier column packing
  • Improved column packing reproducibility