Adsorption and Reversed Phase Chromatography Resins

Within our Chromalite® brand, we offer a range of adsorption and reverse-phase chromatography applications.  Chromalite® resins are an excellent alternative to silica-based media, when pH stability, pressure stability and chemical stability is required. They are ideal for downstream processing for the separation of organic molecules and biomolecules such as proteins, aminoacids, peptides, oligonucleotides.


How do they work?

Adsorption is the adhesion of a chemical species onto the surface of particles. In adsorption, gas or liquid particles bind to a solid or liquid surface.

Reversed-phase chromatography (also called RPC) is a proven technique for the purification of biomolecules and results from the adsorption of molecules onto a hydrophobic solid support in a polar mobile phase.

Adsorption and Reversed Phase Chromatography Products by Application