Kate Lewis, Quality Control Technician at our UK plant, Is Purolite's Employee of the Month, May 2019!

May 8, 2019 – Llantrisant, Wales – Purolite is proud to congratulate Kate Lewis on being selected as May’s Employee of the Month!

Kate Lewis, Quality Control Technician in the UK plant, was nominated by Christopher Bresner, Research and Development Manager, who commended Kate for “continuously working with 100% enthusiasm and effort, in an area where test results are crucial to next stages of R&D or production, and delivering consistently.”

Kate has been with Purolite for over 4 years. She was initially connected with Purolite through the parent of a student she mentored at her previous job; his mother was a Purolite employee and passed her resume and CV onto management. “Coming out of university with a qualifying degree and moving straight into my ideal line of work has been amazing, I am fortunate to have built my career out of my interests,” Kate shares.

Kate’s responsibilities as Quality Control Technician include memorizing many different processes for major Quality Control test areas, knowing how to use a variety of instruments and equipment, and analyzing the results. According to Kate’s co-workers, Kate can constantly be observed working beyond her responsibilities, explaining the results of tests in detail, re-testing as requested, and providing technical assistance. In addition, Kate maintains the position of “first-aider” in the lab, designating herself as an emergency responder.

When asked what she is proud of in her career, Kate answers, “I am happy to have found a great job so quickly after University. I love the friendly environment here at Purolite, and am proud to play a part in the positivity and enthusiasm. Outside of work, I am proud of my independence, and the care I provide for my family.”

Outside of work, Kate enjoys going to the gym, and spending time with family and her dog, Riley. Kate also enjoys climbing mountains, and has even climbed Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.

One project Kate was highly involved in that Chris highlighted in his nomination was the new line of Purosynth™ products for solid phase peptide synthesis. Kate spent 2-weeks working with external visitors to develop new methods for testing the Purosynth™ resins. “Not only did Kate help us to achieve all the goals of the project, but she also did so within the demanding timescale. Kate showed a high level of enthusiasm towards this project, and demonstrated her unique ability to problem solve and test new processes and methods. Throughout the entire project, Kate demonstrated a commitment to having it completed within the timeframe, often working beyond her standard hours,” Chris praises.

Besides the Purosynth™ project, Kate has also contributed to a number of the other projects for Life Sciences. Throughout her work in the plant, she helped develop methods for testing product lines including Lifetech™ ECR enzyme carrier and enzyme immobilization resins, and Chromalite® adsorption and reversed phase chromatography resins.

“Kate always responds with enthusiasm and in an appropriate manner to any new challenge. She is quick to finish tasks, but always willing to communicate the results, any process issues, and explanations straight back to whomever is requesting the test work. Kate has an amazing disposition, and is always happy to re-test a result or provide a more in depth explanation of the results. She approaches new projects with a solution oriented mindset. In four years, Kate has become proficient in most of the major quality control tests, and familiar with a large amount of equipment. She works beyond her responsibilities to complete tasks, and takes on additional work where she is able to. Her contribution to the new line of Purosynth™ products, among many of her other endeavors, stood out as an example of the high quality of work necessary to smoothly operate production plant. It has been a pleasure to work with Kate, and I congratulate her on this new achievement!” Chris shares.

“I am ecstatic to have been nominated for this award, and beyond thankful to have been chosen as May’s employee of the month! Reaching this point in my career took continuous effort and self-improvement, and am grateful that Chris and the rest of the Purolite team took notice. I believe there is always room to grow and improve, and look forward to continuing to contribute my skills to future projects!” notes Kate.

Congratulations Kate on being chosen as Employee of the Month! Her consistency, dedication, and enthusiasm stand out amongst many other traits that make Kate a valued member of the team.

Contact Information:
Kate Lewis
Quality Control Technician
Wales, UK
T +44 1443 222 336 ext.180