The future of Protein A chromatography has arrived…

Introducing Praesto® Jetted A50

April 24, 2018 - Llantrisant, South Wales - Purolite Life Sciences, a pioneer in resin innovation for close to 40 years, continues to lead the future of chromatography by combining Jetting - an innovative process that produces uniform size agarose beads with high surface area - together with a modern, high performing protein A ligand that delivers outstanding performance.

Praesto® Jetted A50 is the first Protein A resin to meet the future demands in mAb processing, and the only bioprocess scale agarose resin available with a uniform particle size distribution.  

Praesto® Jetted A50 Jetted resins demonstrate superior performance characteristics including:

  • 50 μm bead that delivers ultra-high capacity ~ 80 g/l. Increasing productivity and process economics.
  • Exceptional alkaline stability using high concentrations of NaOH (up to 1.0 M), for efficient cleaning and sanitisation.
  • Novel jetted base bead increases surface area to drive higher capacities.
  • 40% higher capacity than the current market leading Protein A resin.

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