International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides & Polynucleotides

10th-12th July 
Baltimore, USA

Join scientists from around the world who will deliver some of the most cutting-edge presentations on the separation, purification, and characterization of biologically important molecules. 
World renowned scientists will address key developments and applications, productivity and financial challenges, and novel approaches related to biological molecule separations and analysis focusing on the latest innovations in technologies that are critical in clinical and biopharmaceutical research.

These are requirements in the manufacturing and quality control of new biotherapies and diagnostics. It's an exciting time for the separation science of biological molecules. The field continues to grow and adapt, enjoy better materials, instruments
and methods, and a seeming never-ending list of interesting molecules to work on.

This year we are proud to be a Diamond Sponsor at ISPPP, stop by our booth and speak to our experts, Dr. Alessandra Basso, Dr. Benjamin Summers & Greg Krueger. 

Attend our Workshop on Wednesday 10th July 12 - 1.15pm

Maryland Suite -  Columbia, 2nd Floor

A Complete Platform of Synthetic Resins for all Needs in Chromatography, from HPLC to Industrial Capture of Small and Medium Biomolecules


Dr Alessandra Basso - Business Development Manager - Life Sciences

Alessandra Basso will present the Chromalite® M methacrylate-based resins with a full range of functionalities, including ion exchange, reverse-phase and, affinity chromatography.  Available in standard average particle sizes of 50 - 100µm and 75 - 200µm, for high resolution, intermediate purification, or capture chromatography; Purolite Life Sciences can also offer customisation of Chromalite® M from 5 to 500µm for any application.  

Pre-registration must be completed at the Purolite Life Sciences booth by Wednesday 10th July at 11.00am.  A light meal will be provided.