When Purolite Life Sciences asked you for your key concern with bringing mAbs to market we heard a loud and clear…

Secure Our Supply

So we answered your call.

Today, Purolite has one of the world’s largest agarose resin manufacturing facilities - producing a range of high flow agarose Protein A chromatography resins specifically designed to give purification performance equal to, or better than, today’s market leading agarose resins.

Why Purolite?
  • Opened one of the world’s largest agarose manufacturing facilities in 2018, with a capacity of 100,000L - 30% of today’s global demand;
  • Trusted for over 35 years;
  • 100% focused on resin innovation, with the widest portfolio of resins;
  • Over 25 years’ regulatory experience;
  • A family of specialists, scientists, and customer service professionals dedicated to meeting and understanding our customers’ needs with speed, professionalism, and the highest degree of knowledge.

Talk to us to discuss how we can work with you to boost your security of supply, by implementing a dual sourcing strategy:
  • Greatly reduce supply risk
  • Cut lead times
  • Manage your supplier base
  • Reduce your costs

But don’t just take our word for it. The top global developers have told us that our resins are “like biosimilars to the market-leading resins”.

Take control of your supply risk today, and let Purolite Life Sciences answer your call…

To find out more about Purolite Life Sciences and how we can assist you in meeting and understanding your needs, contact us directly at lifesciences@purolite.com