Check out Purolite's Upcoming Facility!

Fly through Purolite Life Sciences' state-of-the-art new agarose manufacturing facility in this stunning 3D animation

This multimillion pound investment will increase Purolite Life Sciences' annual production capacity to provide 30% of the world's agarose demand and boost local supply chains in the South Wales area by an estimated £120 million.
The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, due for completion during summer 2018, will be located at Purolite's R&D Centre of Excellence in South Wales. It will be capable of producing 100,000L of high flow agarose resin for their Praesto® range of ion-exchange and Protein A affinity resins, designed for the purification of monoclonal antibodies.

Duncan Sinclair, Plant Manager for Purolite Life Sciences Agarose said, “Security of supply is a key requirement within our industry and this investment confirms Purolite’s commitment to the long term supply of our high flow agarose range of Praesto products. Purolite has been based in Wales since 1982 and the location is in an extremely stable political, geological and meteorological environment.”

Chris Major, Sales Director for Purolite Life Sciences Agarose also adds, "Purolite's 37 years of heritage and expertise in developing large-scale manufacturing facilities globally, as well as our established global distribution network, ensures that we can reduce lead times to deliver the highest-quality agarose resins as efficiently as possible."