Ask The Expert | Meet Nandkumar Thakare | Sales Manager, India

Based in India, our Sales Manager Nandkumar Thakare is responsible for introducing new and existing chromatographic separation resins, enzyme carrier resins, immobilized resins, ion exchange and adsorbent products in the India market.  His wealth of experience in chromatography and purification makes him a valuable addition to our Life Sciences team.

Nandkumar also understands what it takes for customers to deliver a successful downstream processing campaign.   Column packing can be a daunting task, and that’s why when you chose a Praesto® agarose resin, he will work side by side and support customers on site, with packing Purolite resins into a column.

To contact Nandkumar or to find out further information on how Purolite Life Sciences can support your purification needs, please contact us at