Ask The Expert | Meet Hans Johansson | Global Applications Manager, Agarose

I am Hans Johansson from Purolite Life Sciences, and one of the key reasons that customers select a Purolite Praesto® resin is due to our high level of process application knowledge. My scientists work directly with your scientists, to design and optimize your process.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the biotech business and 25 years with Pharmacia, Amersham and GE Healthcare; along with more than ten patents in the area of resin design and large-scale protein purification, I lead the Agarose Applications team in Purolite Life Sciences.

Contact me today, to understand how we can transform your yield and productivity with a Purolite Praesto® resin.

To contact Hans or to find out further information on how Purolite Life Sciences can support your purification needs, please contact us at