Methacrylic resins for large-scale chromatographic applications

Chromalite® M products offer a wide range of functionalities, for optimal downstream purification of peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, enzymes and biomolecules up to 500kDa in size.

With a variety of particle sizes to suit your process, Chromalite® M resins are an ideal choice for high resolution, intermediate or capture chromatography from lab to commercial-scale.

Chromalite® M resins provide moderately hydrophilic properties, sitting between our highly hydrophobic Chromalite® Styrene/DVB range of resins and the highly hydrophilic Praesto® agarose range. 

Key Features

  • Ideal for ion exchange, reverse-phase or affinity chromatography downstream processing
  • Operation at high flow rates up to 10 bars
  • Stable over a pH 1-14 range
  • Available in standard average particle sizes of 50-100 μm and 75-200 μm
  • Custom particle sizes (5 to 500 μm) available upon request