Discover the Chromalite® resins range

Purolite has developed the widest range of synthetic polymers for all of your purification and chromatography needs. For any separation by reverse-phase (RP) or ion exchange (IEX); our Chromalite® range has a product for your needs.

  • Chromalite® resins are made of styrene and divinyl benzene so they are robust to any chemical and pH, and stable to high pressures (up to 200 bars).
  • Particle sizes vary from analytical HPLC grade (5 µm) to large scale chromatography (>300 µm).
  • The range of porosities available for Chromalite® ensures that they are suitable for the purification and separation of biomolecules up to 10KDa as proteins, amino acids, peptides and oligonucleotides.
Chromalite® resins with a particle size larger than 15 micron are manufactured with the unique technology 'jetting', that allows Purolite to produce uniform particle size resins with the great advantage of improved kinetics, resolution, performance consistency and superior packing properties.

Jetting is an alternative continuous efficient manufacturing process for chromatographic resin beads with a narrow particle size distribution resulting in higher yields, and no need for screening; thus better economically. Jetting technology allows the production of even larger batches (>1,000kg) in a very short time. The availability of consistent supplies of large volumes of chromatographic resin beads also open up the possibility of new potential larger scale applications.

Chromalite® resins with a particle size smaller than 15 micron are manufactured by the technology 'seeding' that allows Purolite to produce monodispersed particle size resins, with the advantage of excellent packing in HPLC, high number of theoretical plates and better separation. Chromalite® resins for HPLC are an excellent alternative to silica resins.

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