Macronet® MN102 Adsorbent for Color Removal in Process Streams 

A prominent producer of soluble coffee in Brazil was having difficulty removing residual color from a process water stream. The water stream was currently part of the plant effluent. However, they believed that that if they could remove the color, they could use it to supplement the boiler feedwater for their 8.0 m3/hr. steam production requirements—improving cost and operational efficiencies. Over the past few years they have been investigating many technologies and could not find an economically viable solution.
After speaking with the plant R&D Director and gaining an understanding of the problem, Purolite technical sales personnel determined that our adsorbent technology was the best place to start. They analyzed the process water stream chemistry and investigated the plants’ ability to run the required laboratory tests using actual process water. Based on the water analysis and the molecule to be removed, the Purolite team selected and supplied the team with three adsorbents along with prescribed, systematic testing procedures to follow. Because proper testing is critical, the team worked with the plant laboratory to make sure the testing mimicked real world conditions.

For three months testing was performed on all three samples at 10 BV/h with a throughput of 100 BV per cycle. Throughout this period, Purolite’s Macronet™ MN102 showed the best performance by completely removing the color and any residual odor. Satisfied with the lab results, the customer committed to installing new equipment and purchasing 800 liters of Macronet™ MN102.

After six months of scale up, the new system was commissioned. The water quality was monitored and tested regularly to ensure the expected results were met. The plant was able to send the entire process water stream to the boiler feed system. After several years of operation, the plant is now considering expanding the project to treat other process water streams that total 45 m3/h. In addition to water, waste water and operational cost savings, this will minimize their water usage and be a 100% water reuse/recycle plant.

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