Lifetech™ Brand Products

Lifetech ECR enzyme immobilization resins provide physical, chemical and mechanical stability with minimal swelling in aqueous solutions or organic solvents.  The matrix can be methacrylic or styrenic, providing the optimal degree of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity depending on your specific application.

The Lifetech ECR enzyme carriers are methacrylic or styrenic polymers with various functional groups on the matrix. They are available in three grades.

  • F Grade: 150 - 300 μm
  • M Grade 300 - 710 μm
  • Industrial Grade: 300 - 1200 μm. For the application of immobilized enzymes in the food industry

Unlike other styrene-based sulfonic acid resins, Lifetech synthetic resins are purified by a properly designed catalyst, resulting in:

  • Faster process times

  • Better yields

  • Higher product purity

Lifetech products are supplied either completely water-swollen, or dried to specification.

CalB immo Plus is an immobilized, recombinant Lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB), produced by microbial fermentation with Pichia pastoris. It is suitable for solvent-free or organic solvent systems, and can be used for regio- and stereoselective esterifications and transesterifications. The lipase is immobilized by adsorption onto our highly hydrophobic carrier, Lifetech ECR1030M, a DVB/methacrylate co-polymer.

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