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We have 40 years of dedicated expertise in resin bead manufacture and 30 years of regulatory experience, delivering innovative chromatography and biocatalysis resin products to global pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic and fine chemical industries. 

Our field-based Technical Specialists and R&D teams are always on hand to offer guidance on both selecting the best Purolite Life Sciences resin and achieving optimal results with your product. We're with you every step of the way. 

We also support you with a range of technical support services, to aid your success in column packing, enzyme immobilization and overall process economics.

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BIOPROCESS COLUMN PACKING SUPPORT Dedicated packing suite located in Wales, UK

Our dedicated bioprocessing column packing suite is equipped with best-in-class pilot and process-scale equipment commonly used for mAb purification. Here, we provide expert, hands-on training to increase your packing success rates at both pilot and process scales, as well as demonstrate scale-up performance of our Praesto® agarose-based mAb purification resins.

Whether you use manual or automated packing methods, talk to us today for guidance on topics such as packing/unpacking, column priming, pressure flow testing, efficiency testing and slurry/buffer preparation.


We offer a variety of services to aid you in improving your process. Contact us for expert,hands-on support with:

•    Immobilization screening
•    Immobilized enzyme sampling
•    Analytical method development
•    Immobilization scale-up
•    Immobilization optimization
•    Site visits for hands-on technical support
•    Report writing


We have one of the widest portfolios of 'off-the-shelf' chromatography and biocatalysis resins in the world, available in a wide range of base matrices and functionalities. As such, we usually have the ideal resin for you. 

However, for certain applications we are able to utilize Purolite-patented technology to offer custom-designed resins, tailored to your process. Contact our Technical Support team to learn more.