Agarose chromatography resins

The Praesto® range is a modern selection of high-performing chromatography resins that deliver exceptional results on a high flow agarose base matrix. Praesto resins are designed with porosity and pore structures optimized for the purification of large, complex biologics such as monoclonal antibodies. 

Covering affinity capture and polishing techniques with a range of Protein A and anion/cation exchange resins, Praesto resins are designed to offer cost-effective solutions whilst improving productivity.

Praesto products are available in a range of bulk and pre-packed options to suit your process needs, from high throughput to full-scale commercial manufacture.

Pre-packed, pre-qualified OPUS® column options (supplied by Repligen), are ideal for use in downstream automated parallel chromatography, bench-scale resin screening, process development, and sample preparation.


Resine a base agarosio per cromatografia Products by Application