Protein Purification Resins

Protein purification using chromatographic resins is a powerful, scalable method used to isolate a targeted protein of interest from a more complex mixture. Designed with a range of particle sizes, functionalities and base matrices suitable for lab to process-scale applications, our resins help you to achieve optimal yields and product purity throughout process scale-up.

We have a range of chemistries functionalized onto Agarose, Styrene/DVB or Methacrylic polymers to suit your process requirements.


Our resins are ideal for:

  • Affinity chromatography
  • Ion exchange chromatography
  • HPLC (bulk or pre-packed)
  • Adsorption
  • Reversed-phase chromatography
  • Solid phase extraction

Protein Purification Products by Application

Cation Exchange Chromatography

Pre-Packed HPLC Columns

Troca Aniônica Cromatográfica