Protein Purification Resins

Most protein applications in the nutraceutical industry are typically extracted out from natural sources such as proteins from soy, peas, algae, dairy etc. The resulting proteins are added as additives into drinks and food to strengthen the protein concentration.

The extraction process is simple. The natural feed solution is run through a resin bed and the targetted protein is extracted. Therefore proteins for nutraceutical application are typically ingested and will follow the FDA regulations for food.

Lactoferrin protein extract from milk is another specific application of natural extraction.

Protein purification using chromatographic resins is a powerful, scalable method used to isolate a targeted protein of interest from a more complex mixture.

Designed with a range of particle sizes, functionalities and base matrices suitable for lab to process-scale applications, our resins help you to achieve optimal yields and product purity throughout process scale-up.

We have a range of chemistries functionalized onto Agarose or Methacrylic polymers to suit your process requirements. Our resins are ideal for Ion exchange chromatography.

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