Biocatalysis for Research Applications

In the pharmaceutical industry, immobilized enzymes are used in a wide range of biocatalysis applications. They provide significant advantages to industrial manufacturing processes for high value molecules. Our range of Lifetech ECR (enzyme carrier resin) resins for enzyme immobilization can help you with your large-scale biocatalysis applications due to their high enzyme activity, resin robustness, cost-efficiency and full regulatory support.

We offer a variety of services to aid you in improving your process and hands-on support:

  • Immobilization screening
  • Analytical method development
  • Immobilization scale-up
  • Immobilization optimization
  • Site visits for hands-on technical support

For customers that would like to do their own screening, Purolite offers easy to use kits as ready to use immobilized enzymes or enzyme carriers that are suitable for the immobilization of such sensitive proteins. Our enzyme carrier kit, ECRKIT, contains 6 of our most popular enzyme carriers used in the industry today. While our lipase kit contains ready to use of the most applied immobilized CALB lipase enzymes on industrial scale.  These kits are offered as bulk samples or packed in cartridges for simple use.

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