Analytical Lab Testing and Screening

In most applications, companies develop methods to qualify their purification process for its efficiency and its purity. Such methods include the use of equipment and tools to demonstrate and support the results obtained from their large-scale production samples. Examples such as the use of the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment to measure the concentration and purity of the production or the use of solid phase extraction (SPE) columns to clean the production samples for further testing. The HPLC and SPE columns are packed with fine mesh Purolite resins as small as 5 microns in size. As Purolite produce hundreds of different resin chemistries for use in production, some of these chemistries have been applied to the analytical applications to help in the quantitative and qualitative measurements needed for production monitoring.

Purolite is able to offer our base beads for custom ligand addition to increase the specificity and selectivity of your separation. While some resins are offered in the epoxy format, others have primary amine functionality enabling covalent addition of the appropriate ligand chemistry.

If you are evaluating possible resins for future productions, sample kits are available for applications such as biocatalysis and purification.

The kits contain of a series of small samples to help evaluate applications such as enzyme immobilization, purification of proteins. Purolite also offers some of our large production and industrial chromatography resins in 200 ml to 600 ml size columns to minimize the workload in packing columns during the evaluation period. So, whenever you are using resins to measure purity of production samples or evaluating a new production process, we can help achieve a successful process qualification.

There are 3 major applications for this wide scope of Purolite products.

  1. Analytical scale resins packed in HPLC columns to help in the laboratory analysis of production samples. These types of resins help to monitor the production as well as develop methods to qualify new processes.

  2. Kits that include samples for evaluating new chemistries and new applications. They include packed columns of industrial resins to enable easy evaluation without worrying about packing procedures.

  3. Custom ligand addition to help immobilize specific functional groups on the Purolite resins to improve the selectivity towards certain molecules.