Lauren Davies works within the Agarose Pilot and Jetting Labs as a Team Leader, ensuring production runs as efficiently as possible within the teams. Lauren decided that Purolite was a great fit for her after completing a master’s degree in Chemistry from Cardiff University in 2018. Lauren is currently working on the jetting rig, producing Praesto Jetted products alongside Serguei Kosvintsev and Sean Hines since November 2019. It only took Lauren six months to be promoted to her current role as a Team Leader.

Lauren enjoys working in the relatively new Agarose Department. “It has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, although we do work hard as a team to keep track of production.” While it is a new department, it is already being recognized by pharmaceutical companies around the world. Lauren is excited to be working on products that are currently working towards a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauren plans to continue working hard and aspires to one day become a manager in the Agarose Department facilities.

The Agarose Production Department is made up of two teams of five, working on alternating shifts. “Our teams work very hard to ensure production rates and sales demands are met efficiently. As we are facing increasing demand for our products, our teams are working overtime hours to ensure production doesn’t slow down during this challenging time.” Purolite has a great company culture which encourages employees to be challenged which leads to an increase in development of new or improved products.

Thank you, Lauren, for being a hard and dedicated employee in the Agarose Department – you are a great example of what Purolite is all about! Congratulations!