Congratulations to Kelvyn Williams, Purolite's Employee of the Month, September 2021

Kelvyn Williams is the Process Operator at the AMP plant, located in Llantrisant, Wales, United Kingdom. In his role, Kelvyn aids in moving products through several crucial stages while maintaining high quality. Szymon Kmita, Process Engineer, nominated Kelvyn for making a massive impact with his work ethic, helpfulness and can-do attitude.

“He ensures people working with him know their duties, what is expected of them, and always emphasizes their importance to the success of the manufacturing process,” explained Szymon. Kelvyn exceeded expectations when he took the initiative to draft work instructions for new employees.

Kelvyn enjoys paying it forward by sharing his knowledge from his past experiences with his colleagues. “The working culture is so refreshing,” Kelvyn noted as he described his Purolite team. “The healthy atmosphere and camaraderie within all teams at Llantrisant are exceptional.” In his spare time, Kelvyn enjoys reading and running. 

Purolite thanks you for taking it one step further with all that you do, Kelvyn. Congratulations!