Stephen Xing is the Deputy General Manager in Safety and Internal Affairs at the China plant location. In his role, Stephen manages many areas including administrative, safety, and security. While functioning in these roles, Stephen values that his role enhances the image of Purolite in China and he prides himself in always recognizing employees for their continuous hard work. While Stephen is not at work, he enjoys reading, traveling and enriching himself with various cultures and arts.

Stephen explained that when he is faced with an obstacle, it is never too difficult for his team to come out on top, “Our team is a collaborative family and everyone pushes together.” One of Stephen’s goals in the future with Purolite is to maintain a safe work environment and have no safety incidents. “More and more laws and regulations of safety production emerge,” he stated, while speaking on why Purolite always needs to be alert when it comes to safety management.

Purolite caught Stephen’s attention about six years ago and has been a great learning experience from the very beginning. As he went on, Stephen stated, “Purolite’s spirit of never giving up towards difficulties is what attracted me to be a member of our big family.”

Here’s to you, Stephen! It is a pleasure to have you as a part of the Purolite family as well. Congratulations on this accomplishment and keep up the hard work!