Congratulations Daniel Valentin! Purolite's Employee of the Month, March 2020!

March 15, 2020 – Philadelphia, PA – Purolite is excited to announce this month’s Employee of the Month, Daniel Valentin! Dan has worked in the Quality Control lab at the G Street manufacturing facility in Philadelphia since 2017 as Senior QC Lead Technician, helping with quality control work and data entry for our certificates of analysis. These past few months, Dan’s co-workers have noticed him going above and beyond to keep the lab running functionally and smoothly.

Dan studied microbiology before moving to the United States from Puerto Rico. When he initially joined Purolite, Dan was on the production team. When the Quality Control lab needed a floater, he switched departments to help the lab and cover open shifts.

“My time with Purolite has given me experience and knowledge. I learn something new every day. But most importantly, it has given me a second family.” He adds that he enjoys his co-workers and the overall environment at the production plant.

“Dan is an inspiration to his team, and continually going above and beyond his responsibilities. He is continuously looking for ways to improve processes and the efficiency in the lab,” notes co-worker , Joshua Antonacci, Ion Exchange Chemist.

When asked what he is proud of, Dan conveys, “I am proud of the quality of the work I produce, and the recognition for my efforts. Outside of work, I am proud to live a stable, normal life, and the support of my loving family.” Dan also shares that he is motivated by life itself, getting up every day to learn something new and fight his daily challenges.

“Dan is truly a team player. He completes his work quickly and on time, and then moves on to help his co-workers. When new batches come up every day, Dan proactively emails everyone if a problem arises, to keep production managers in the loop. Besides that, he’s a hoot to work with! He makes every day fun, he’s kind, and easy to talk to,” praises QC Manager Mark Owens.

Dan shares that he looks up to his mother, who was the strongest person he knew. He also shares that he feels it is part of his job to step up and take leadership in the lab; fulfilling the expectation that every member of the team puts in effort and produces quality product. Some of his favorite projects he has worked on have been the basic lab testing, because he enjoys the rigidness of specifications, and training new employees.

Outside of work, Dan has many hobbies. He loves fashion, and is currently working on some clothing design ideas. He also is a shopaholic, always searching for new trends and the best deals. Being from Puerto Rico, Dan loves cooking, and is good at it too! “I can cook almost any dish,” he shares proudly.

When asked how he reached this point in his career, Dan shares, “I see every day as an opportunity to take the bull by the horns and be fearless.”

Congratulations, Dan! Your efforts are well appreciated!