Petrochemical Products

Purolite has served the petrochemical industry for over three decades and has established a track record of providing high-quality, tailored resin solutions to this growing space.
The petrochemical industry produces petroleum and natural gas-based chemicals that are the building blocks to the production of plastics, synthetic rubber, solvents, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, additives, and adhesives. It is very capital intensive, relies on significant technological innovation, and operates in a global product market. As petroleum based products evolve, resin technology can be found within or in support of many production processes. 

Purolite ion exchange, chelation and adsorbent products are used to perform the purification of chemical streams, treatment of boiler feed water, condensate polishing, wastewater streams, and to recover precious metals typically dispersed in the produced streams.

On synthesis reactions, Purolite offers catalyst resin grades with large pores, thus avoiding blockage, fouling and possible breakage. For BPA synthesis, our catalysts deliver better conversion, longer lifetime and improved pressure drop.

Our resins are also used for esterification, amine reclamation, and monoethylene glycol (MEG) production. In addition to providing unique resin solutions for a wide range of challenging applications, Purolite is recognized globally for outstanding technical sales and support, a customer-centered approach, and top-tier research and development resources and laboratories.

Common applications for ion exchange resins in the petrochemical industry include:

  • Amine reclamation
  • Bisphenol-A synthesis
  • Condensate polishing
  • Dealkalization
  • Demineralization
  • Esterification
  • Water softening
  • Monoethylene glycol (MEG)
  • Methanol purification
  • Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) production
  • Oil removal from condensate
  • Phenol alkylation
  • Phenol purification
  • Tannin removal
  • Tert-amyl methyl ether (TAME) production
Quality and consistency are key attributes of Purolite products. ISO and additional standards associated with quality management, good manufacturing practices, and ease of access to regulatory information are all well regarded and extremely relevant to the petrochemical industry. Purolite has a dedicated, global regulatory team at our manufacturing locations to support your applications and management of change initiatives.

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Petrochemical Products by Application