Metals Plating Industry Products

Ion exchange resins and synthetic adsorbents can be used in the metal plating industry to remove impurities, allowing recycling of the plating liquor. Treatment of effluents removes toxic metals, allowing safe disposal of the waste liquor.

Ion exchange applications in the metals plating industry:

  • Acid retardation
  • Aluminium, iron and copper sulphate from sulphuric acid
  • Iron, nickel and chrome salts from nitric/hydrofluoric acid pickling baths
  • Purification of phosphoric and chromic acid pickling baths
  • Purification of nickel sulphate baths
  • Iron removal from hydrochloric acid pickling baths
  • Recovery of precious metals
  • Treatment of waste effluent

Metals Plating Industry Products by Application

Rinse water demineralization and recycling