Slavery and human trafficking statement 2021

Provided under The Modern Slavery Act 2015

Purolite takes modern slavery and human trafficking seriously and its policy is not to engage with any activity or be associated with any activity through its supply chain or any other way, that could be considered to be modern slavery or human trafficking as described in The Modern Slavery Act 2015. This includes Slavery and Servitude, Forced or Compulsory Labour, Human Trafficking and Child Labour.

To this end Purolite has implemented a training programme for its staff to help them to identify any of these activities and is implementing tools to help identify risk areas.

Purolite is satisfied that there are none of these activities taking place in its own activities.

In 2018, Purolite devised a questionnaire to send to our suppliers that is designed to identify any act of modern slavery or human trafficking by our suppliers or their suppliers. Since 2019, we have assessed the data received through the questionnaires to remove any suppliers from our approved suppliers list that have responded in a way that leads us to believe that there is a possibility that they or their suppliers are undertaking any activity that can be construed as modern slavery or human trafficking.

Purolite produces ion exchange resins on three continents. By far the largest suppliers to Purolite are petrochemical organisations, logistics providers and utility companies.

Purolite will not work with anyone who violates its Policy or the Law and encourages anyone who thinks they may have come across an instance of modern slavery, or indeed who may be a victim themselves, to call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 for more information and guidance on what to do next.

Steve Brodie
President and CEO

Don Brodie
Executive Vice President