Virtual Groundbreaking

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Expanding Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing to the USA to Meet Global Demand and Ensure Security of Supply

We are excited to share that Purolite Corporation is expanding its manufacturing capabilities to the United States, addressing the global demand for its pharmaceutical and life science products.

This expansion will ensure the level of security of supply with increased production and shorter lead times. The new USA facility will house two cleanrooms to manufacture active ingredients (APIs) and excipients, and an agarose manufacturing facility equipped with proprietary jetting technology to capture and purify monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) sold under the Praesto® brand. Currently, Purolite has four cleanrooms in Romania and an agarose manufacturing facility in Wales, UK. Purolite will be the first company with agarose manufacturing on two continents.

Our planning process began in October 2020 with a 14-18-month completion goal. In December 2020, the site was secured, with construction set to start the first quarter of 2021. The new 74,000 square foot facility, located at 3700 Horizon Boulevard in King of Prussia, PA, is blocks from Purolite’s global headquarters.

We will keep you updated on the progress.