Congratulations to Julian Coman, Purolite's Employee of the Month, OCtober 2019!

October 15, 2019 – Wales, UK – Purolite is excited to Congratulate Julian Coman on being selected as October’s Employee of the Month! Julian comes to Purolite from Wales, UK, where he works as a Research and Development Technician in Purolite’s R&D laboratory and pilot plant. Julian was nominated by Christopher Bresner, Research and Development Manager, who praised Julian for “working with 100% enthusiasm and effort, never giving up on a challenge, and performing his role within the R&D team with dedication and commitment.” Join us in wishing him congratulations!

Julian first got into the field of chemical manufacturing with Viromet, a chemical manufacturing company in Romania. He met Jacob Brodie, Vice President of US Sales, through a joint venture with Purolite. In 1995, he officially joined the Purolite team, working in the Purolite’s Production plant in Romania as Copolymer Shift Lead. When he moved to the United Kingdoms, Purolite offered him a position in the Research and Development department because he had shown strong potential and knowledge in his previous position.

As Research and Development Technician, Julian is responsible for pilot-scale synthesis, order preparation, and assisting the R&D team. He has experience in downstream processing, and assists with batch washing, sieving, and even packaging as needed. “I have a strong passion for my job. It is my motivation. Completing a project to the best of my abilities, receiving positive feedback from the customer, and knowing I helped produce the best, most perfect product possible feels amazing, and is why I love to come to work,” explains Julian.

Julian shares that he is proud to be a member of the R&D team; “I look up to a lot of my colleagues, and love the team I have the opportunity to work with. To name a few, Jessica Hatherley, Valerie Peal, and Serguei Kosvintsev, and many more on the R&D team have taught me a lot of the skills I utilize today.”

Julian could not name only one project he considers his favorite – “It’s hard to choose. I have enjoyed them all!” he jokes. He is happy to have gained new skills throughout his time here, such as time management, multi-tasking, and prioritizing. With the large quantity of orders received, Julian has to allocate time towards each project’s most critical processes to ensure that he meets deadlines, a skill he has perfected throughout his time with Purolite.

In his nomination, Christopher highlighted Julian’s involvement over the past few months in a large pilot-scale order for the Lifesciences area. Christopher shares that Julian “has taken the lead within our new pilot plant, producing high quality material and completing orders efficiently and within the required timescale.”

Christopher also praises Julian for his role in assisting the R&D team. “Julian motivates everyone he works with. His never-give-up attitude inspires the rest of the team to put maximum effort into the project at hand. I really enjoying working with him; seeing him respond to tasks in a positive manner, take on new projects even when he is busy, and seek guidance when he has a question. His can-do attitude brightens the workspace.”

When not busy in the lab, Julian practices martial arts, and studies astronomy. In his free times, he takes walks and hikes – he loves nature. His favorite quote is from Bruce Lee, “Be water my friend.”

“I got to this point in my career with authenticity. I encourage everyone to stay true to themselves and their passions,” Julian adds.

Congratulations, Julian! You have truly gone above and beyond expectations.