Lorenzo Martinez, Shipping and Packaging at Purolite's G-street manufacturing plant, has been chosen as Purolite's Employee of the Month!

June 3, 2019 — Philadelphia, PA  — Purolite is excited to announce that Lorenzo Martinez of Purolite’s G-street Philadelphia production plant has been selected as Purolite’s Employee of the Month, June 2019! Lorenzo works in the shipping and packaging department at the plant, ensuring all outgoing products are in good condition, and of quality.

Lorenzo was nominated by Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director, who indicated that “Lorenzo has never wavered from his dedication to excellence and regard of fellow co-workers. He is a person of the highest moral, ethical, and professional nature.”

Lorenzo has been with Purolite for 25 years. He began in the Cation Department, responsible for screening the materials, and moved between a number of departments, until finally settling in shipping and packaging. “I am happy to have had the opportunity to learn all about the production of our products. I came to Purolite with no experience in the manufacturing of resin, and have learned more than I could have imagined about the production of the product,” Lorenzo shares.

Lorenzo explains that he is motivated by his co-workers, and the opportunity to work hard and help others in his career. “I am proud of my knowledge and experience with Purolite’s processes. I like being able to provide training, advice and tips as needed to my co-workers. It is rewarding knowing that the products I am helping to package and ship are being used to help people. When we manufacture Pharma products, for example, I know that it is being used by medical facilities to help people. What’s even more rewarding, is knowing that our global customer base means the products I am helping to package and ship can be helping people outside of the U.S.”

Lorenzo explains. Outside of work, Lorenzo draws motivation from his supportive family. He mentions enjoying going to church (he is the minister) and spending time with family. “I am proud of my position at the church, and of the time I spent in combat,” Lorenzo shares, “I spent two years in Iraq, and 23 years total in service.”

Lorenzo’s favorite part of working with Purolite is the relationships he has gained during his time here. “I have met good co-workers, great friends, and kind people here,” Lorenzo mentions. His favorite projects have been simply preparing the orders and loading the trucks.

Lorenzo’s nomination highlighted his open-mindedness and willingness to embrace a new electronic system for warehouse operations in the plant. “Lorenzo was among the first to embrace it. He became very knowledgeable and proficient in its use and as always, led by example how to handle change.” Says Lorenzo’s Manager. When asked what motivated him to embrace the electronic system, Lorenzo responded with, “It makes sense! Now I know where everything is in the plant.”

Lorenzo’s co-workers agree that he is always willing to exceed the expectations of those around him, often staying late or coming in early to ensure that the products being shipped are of good quality and are prepared in time. His supervisor, Jesus Mendoza, Shipping Supervisor, identifies him as a strong leader within the shipping department. “Lorenzo is a nice, friendly guy. He is always smiling, gives great advice, is a great leader within the plant, and most importantly, a great friend. Whether someone has been at the plant for 40 years or 40 minutes, they instantly identify him as a leader, resource, example. trainer, and mentor.” Jesus elaborates.

“Lorenzo has amazing energy, and works well under pressure. He handles incoming and outgoing products, and is capable or multi-tasking. Lorenzo frequently works through lunches and breaks to ensure timelines, quality and needs are met. His positive and calm decision making goes a long way in maintaining the productive culture among co-workers and departments. Lorenzo is very deserving of Employee of the Month, because he provides a great example for those around him to follow.” Praises Warner.

“I am excited to have reached this point in my career. To anyone wondering how I got here, I have spent the past 25 years treating all of my work as a rush. The product needs to be on time, early if possible, and in good condition. It is the sense of urgency that has gotten me where I am today.” Lorenzo concludes.

Purolite would like to wish a big congratulation to Lorenzo Martinez! His leadership and willingness to go above and beyond expectations have contributed greatly to the plant, making Lorenzo an exemplary member of the team!