Mr. Ji Gang (Steel) is Purolite's Employee of the Month, August 2019! Congratulations!

August 15th, 2019 – Deqing, China – Purolite is happy to announce that Mr. Ji Gang (Steel), Engineer and Maintenance Department Manager at Purolite’s production plant in Deqing, China, is Purolite’s Employee of the Month for August 2019! Steel was nominated by Mr. Stuart Price, Operational Support Manager, and Mr. She Xianwan, Standing Deputy General Manager at Purolite’s plant in China.

Steel graduated from Dailian University of Technology, located in Liaoning, China, with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Since, he held positions within the industrial environment, and has now worked at Purolite’s production plant for over 9 years in Deqing, China, managing the maintenance programs and updates at the production plant.

Prior to joining Purolite, Steel gained a solid foundation in the industrial field working with Dupont Chemical Corporation, Saint-Gobain Manufacturing company, and Air Liquide industrial gases company. His prior work experience was a prerequisite for the high demands in the ion exchange resin industry.

In their nomination, Mr. Stuart Price and Mr. She Xianwan specifically brought up Steel’s exceptional effort in managing the yearly updates to the plant. “His commitment and dedication were needed, this is where Steel went above and beyond expectations, tearing into the work program, managing teams, and keeping his fellow employees motivated,” Mr. Price commends.

Mr. Xianwan and Mr. Price also share that Steel excelled in the month of July by condensing a three-month project into four weeks, and simultaneously achieving a last-minute maintenance project to its full completion. “He is an exemplary engineer and manager. He has excelled this month, as all previous months, in meeting all targets,” notes Mr. Xianwan.

Steel is married with two children, living in Deqing. He enjoys spending time with family, talking walks in local parks or swimming. He enjoys all sorts of sports, ranging from ping-pong to football, and has particularly enjoys playing mahjong, a tile-based game popular in China.

Both Mr. Xianwan and Mr. Price agree, “Steel worked within strict guidelines, under conditions that needed all his strengths, and was diligent in keeping his teams and other motivated through the completion of projects.”

“Whilst it’s an honor to receive employee of the month, I think I am only doing my job,” Steel shares on being selected as Employee of the Month, August 2019.

Congratulations Steel! You have truly been an exemplary engineer and department manager. Thank you for your effort and dedication.

Contact Information
Ji Gang (Steel)
Maintenance Manager
Deqing, China
T+ 86 572 8420909