Congratulations to Purolite's Employee of the Month - December 2019

December 15, 2019 – Italy – Purolite is happy to announce that Claudio Genco, Sales Representative at Purolite’s Italian office, has been selected as December’s Employee of the Month! Claudio was nominated by Edo Perris, Managing Director of Purolite Italy, who noted, “Mr. Genco has great possibilities as a salesman. During his tenure,  he has held several positions that have greatly helped his colleagues within the company.”

Claudio has worked in a wide range of departments within the Purolite Company. Beginning as Administrative Assistant, Claudio was responsible for various roles until settling into his current position as Sales Representative. In addition to sales to Italian customers, his current responsibilities include safety management and purchasing. “I am very proud to have had the opportunity to perform multiple tasks within Purolite from the administrative and financial side to logistics and now to sales. Having acquired such extensive know-how makes it very easy for me to satisfy customer’s requests,” Claudio notes.

Outside of work, Claudio enjoys spin class - he is even an instructor. Claudio enjoys spending time with his family. “Outside of the office I dedicate myself almost entirely to my family, having to raise a 6-year-old child, I try to set a good example to create the foundation for the man he will become in the future,” he shares.

Edo nominated Claudio because of his amazing work in the past few months on the sales team. Claudio covered for a sick co-worker, closed customer orders and ensured that they were delivered on schedule. “Establishing a relationship of trust and esteem with the customer is my biggest project, creating a personalized sales strategy aimed at maximizing mutual satisfaction is what drives me to improve more and more,” Claudio emphasizes about what motivates him in his career.

“We have visited customers together several times and have had confirmation of how fast it is to understand and how quickly it can be transformed. Genco Claudio according to my personal opinion will have an excellent future in the field of sales,” Praises Edo.

Claudio had the opportunity this year to attend Purolite’s International Sales Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. “It was surprising and exciting to meet colleagues from all over the world and exchange opinions, considerations and ideas on how to improve and develop their job. I realized that the true strength of Purolite is in this kind of meeting and being part of such a competent team, he shares about his experience.

“Although it is an honor to receive the appointment as the employee of the month, I would like to share this success with my colleagues who helped me a lot,” Claudio said on receiving the award.

Congratulations, Claudio! Your diversity and hard work within the company has made you a valuable member of the team.