Biocatalytic Success through Strategic Collaboration 

Immobilized enzymes provide a robust, cost-efficient solution to many biocatalysis applications, and are now a routine and powerful tool in the industrial manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foodstuffs, often preferred as a greener, more efficient alternative to chemical processes.

When sourcing enzyme immobilization resins, or ready-to-use immobilized enzymes for your biocatalytic process, it’s vital that your supplier combines resin bead expertise with strong process development and optimization knowledge in order for you to achieve maximum

With this in mind, Purolite has joined forces with Iosynth, a biocatalysis service company offering specialist process development and optimization services to global pharma, agro chemical, cosmetics and fine chemical markets. Iosynth expertise, in combination with Purolite's industry-leading Lifetech portfolio – the largest range of enzyme immobilization resins and ready-to-use immobilized enzymes in the world – ensures users achieve maximum cost-efficiency, productivity and product quality.

The collaboration allows Purolite customers to consult Iosynth on next steps, industrial process development, and upscaling for any Lifetech process. Seamless integration of Purolite’s and Iosynth’s workflows provides fast, reliable process expertise to customers across the globe.

Lifetech™ ECR Enzyme Carriers and Immobilized Enzymes

Wolfgang Eger, Executive Director at Iosynth, comments, “We are excited about the collaboration with Purolite, and the ability to offer a complete service to our customers. Many companies are keen to utilize immobilized enzymes for cost-efficient biocatalytic applications, and combining the strong resin portfolio and immobilization experience of Purolite with the process development expertise of Iosynth, we believe that we are able to offer a leading service to both of our customer bases, across the globe.

Alessandra Basso, Business Development Manager for Purolite states, “As a leading global supplier of enzyme immobilization resins, we are continually looking for solutions to our customers’ biggest challenges, both in product development, and in our after-sales technical support services. Collaborating with Iosynth ensures we have the resources to provide answers from start-to-finish during the process development journey, meaning customers can receive support on a range of key areas quickly, efficiently and from one location.”

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