Purolite Welcomes Morocco's New Technical Sales Engineer, Mohamed Allouch

July 1st 2019 – Tangier, Morocco – Purolite is proud to announce that Mohamed Allouch has joined Purolite’s sales team as Technical Sales Engineer. Mr. Allouch will be responsible for assisting customers in identifying unique solutions for their processes’ needs. In this new position he will service the Casablanca and Morocco regions, and report to Edgar Berreby, Group Vice President.

Mr. Allouch found Purolite while reading a job board. When considering the position at Purolite, he notes, “I have good ideas and a solid strategy, and I look forward to developing the business in this region.”

Mr. Allouch comes to Purolite with a strong background in chemical engineering and integrated management. He graduated from the Faculty of Technical Science of Tangier, a University in Morocco, with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science, and a second Master’s degree in Integrated Management Systems. He speaks both English and French, and is learning German.

When asked what his fellow employees will appreciate most about him, Mr. Allouch highlights, “I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I’m pretty confident my colleagues would describe me as thoughtful and trustworthy, which are both traits I value. I am always looking for opportunities to take initiative, and I won’t shy away from hard problems.” He also shares that he is motivated by the opportunity to make a difference, see results, and meet interesting people.

When not working, Mr. Allouch enjoys scuba diving and fishing. “I’m a big fish lover,” he admits. He currently resides in Casablanca. Before coming to Purolite, he was employed with Kimia Morocco, a Chemical Company specializing in industrial cleaning, water treatment, chemical treatment programs, cooling towers, and evaporator condensers.

On joining Purolite, Mr. Allouch shares, “I have a strong background in Chemical Engineering and the Water Treatment industry, and I look forward to lending my years of experience to such a high profile company as Purolite. I think my creative thinking skills and ability to conceptualize will be a great help for my team.”

Welcome to the team Mr. Allouch, we are happy to have you!

Contact Information:
Mohamed Allouch
Technical Sales Engineer
Casablanca / Morocco
T +212 6 60 99 03 70