Purolite Romania passes environmental management system operations audit for ISO14001 certification

Victoria, Romania – May 16, 2019 – Purolite S.R.L., located in Victoria, Jud. Brasov, Romania, has received ISO 14001:2015 certification for environmental management system operations by the BSI Group, UK on certificate number EMS 622117. The certificate was recommended by BSI on June 06, 2019 for the research, development, manufacture and supply of ion exchange resins and synthetic adsorbents. The certificate is valid until February 02, 2020.

The ISO 14001 Certification program is complex and involves a comprehensive, multi-day system audit from the standards organization, as well as more than a year of internal preparation, system evaluation and operational refinement.

Adeline Stefanache, HSE Manager in Romania notes, “The ISO Environmental Management System (EMS) considers all aspects of Purolite’s operations in Romania and enables us to construct a framework of best practices for achieving, sustaining, and continually improving goals—particularly for using resources such as power and water efficiently and reducing waste. It is something that Purolite Romania takes very seriously.” Adeline then adds, “The program gets all employees involved … from top decisions makers to the employees that produce, pack, ship and process our products and maintain our operations at all levels.”

Satish Bapat, Global Operations Manager says, “Globally, environmental management has been a part of Purolite’s core strategy for a long time. We are a company that manufactures specialized products that help maintain a clean environment, a contaminant-free water supply, and improve people’s health. It is befitting that all of our locations take a progressive role in protecting the environment through a formalized environmental management system.”

Purolite S.R.L. is home to an FDA-inspected and cGMP certified production facility for pharmaceutical production, clean rooms for manufacturing specialized products used in life sciences applications, high-tech R&D and application laboratories, as well as manufacturing for ion exchange, adsorbent, acrylic and other specialty resin technologies that improve the quality of almost every consumer product that exists today.

Purolite Corporation would like to thank our entire team in Romania, including the dedicated ISO team, led by Ian Horton, Chief Administrative Officer from Purolite’s European administrative headquarters in the U.K., for their dedicated efforts during the process.

Arvind Verulkar, Plant Manager, states, “There are many components to Purolite’s facilities in Romania, making this certification a particularly proud achievement. Congratulations to the Romania team for their hard work and dedication to achieve ISO 14001 Certification! Our special thanks to Ian for his tremendous contribution while guiding Romania team on documentations as well as methodology. Great work, and congratulations Adelin, Cosmin, Doina and the entire team.”

Sentiments were also shared by Purolite Vice President, Jacob Brodie, who notes, “Congratulations to the Romanian Team for achieving ISO14001 certification. This is a great accomplishment and I appreciate everyone’s hard work to reach this important goal.”

The plant in Romania follows environmental laws set by Romania, the European Union and other international organizations.

Purolite is a global supplier of ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent and advanced polymers that make the world cleaner and healthier. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, Purolite has ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, and Romania and operates five R&D centers across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Established in industries such as water treatment, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage among others, Purolite brings more new products to the market than any other resin company, and is the only company focused exclusively on resin technology. With the largest, most knowledgeable technical sales force—and over 40 sales offices in more than 30 countries—Purolite is your solutions company.