purolite increases corporate investments for 12th consecutive year

January 1 2019—Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA—Purolite Corporation is investing $35 million USD in 2019 to support sustainability and growth projects. The investments will be made within all global production and R&D locations. This will ensure that the Company continues to provide high-quality products; operates efficiently; creates new and innovative products, and maintains full compliance with environmental regulations. The expenditure will also support further development and expansion of our new Life Sciences portfolio.

Purolite has increased its spend on new facilities, equipment and personnel every year since 2007. This year, Purolite will continue to invest significantly in R&D to develop new resin-based technologies for emerging contaminants in Potable and Groundwater remediation applications, adsorbent technologies, pharmaceutical products as well as products supporting novel applications. 

Utilization of capital expenditure investment will go toward facilities upgrades in lab-, pilot- and full-scale manufacturing facilities to enhance efficiency and allow for faster product availability for customers. Other improvements will be for utilities updates, packaging line improvements, general housekeeping and instrumentation upgrades.

Additionally, waste treatment systems are being upgraded to meet regulatory standards for minimized discharge and reduced environmental impact.

Significant resources will also be directed towards the Healthcare & Life Sciences division as Purolite expands the product portfolio and production capacity at the company’s U.K manufacturing facility.

Purolite is also expanding sales and marketing efforts within both the global Life Sciences and Industrial teams to ensure that customers receive the best service and have product information easily accessible.

“We are committed to making improvements in every aspect of our business and ensuring that Purolite endures for years to come,” says Jacob Brodie, Vice President of Purolite. “The key to our continued growth is the investments we make every year to develop new products, keep our factories running efficiently and deploy the newest technology. We have a responsibility to our customers, employees and a multitude of critical industries to take action towards sustaining the company in the future.”

Purolite is the leading manufacturer of quality ion exchange, chromatographic, adsorbent, catalyst, chelation and healthcare and life sciences-enhancing resins, as well as specialty high-performance polymers. Purolite is the only company to focus 100% of resources on resin and polymer technologies. Purolite is dedicated to providing the best solution to application challenges faced by a wide array of critical industries. Purolite has full ownership of production facilities in four countries, each of which is ISO 9001-2008 certified. The company is committed to environmental compliance, employee and community safety, customer satisfaction, product innovation and quality.