Michael Frayling works as the Team Leader for the agarose manufacturing site in Wales. He is responsible for the production of Purolite’s Praesto® agarose products that have a range of different uses and applications – from water purification to the latest antibody cancer treatments.

Michael was nominated by the Plant Manager of the Wales facility, Duncan Sinclair, for identifying a filling issue in the packaging process. “Michael has deep knowledge of this process and was instrumental in identifying the root cause," Duncan explained. "Thanks to his hard work, these improvements will guarantee a repeatable process."

“I liaise with our engineers, scientists and senior management to ensure the shift runs smoothly and production targets are met," notes Michael. He joined Purolite after finishing his biomedical science degree at Cardiff University in 2017. “The facilities and equipment at the Llantrisant South Wales site really impressed me – they’re state of the art."
Michael appreciates that at Purolite, everyone works together towards a common goal. “The company is continually growing and changing – new procedures and tests are often introduced and it's enjoyable picking them up and continually learning.”

It is a pleasure to have you on our agarose team, Michael – thank you for your innovative ideas and hard work. Congratulations!