Kaitlin Phillips is a Research and Development Chemist for Purolite United Kingdom and works in the Research and Development Center of Excellence located in Llantrisant, Wales.

She was nominated by Christopher Bresner, Research and Development Manager, for taking the initiative and consistently demonstrating values that align with the company. “Kaitlin continuously works with 100% enthusiasm and effort. In an area where key research and development projects are crucial to achieving the company’s goals, Kaitlin delivers consistently,” Christopher explained. "Kaitlin handles multiple projects at a time under tight deadlines and with very positive results. She continues to grow and is a key member of the R&D team."
Kaitlin focuses on the development of new products, whether they are small projects that she works on alone or larger projects she works on with the team. She values that each new project offers the chance to learn something new while solving a real-world problem for a client. Kaitlin also likes how varied the work can be and that she can be involved in all stages of each project. “The diversity of projects challenge me to further my knowledge in all areas of chemistry and keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.”

Purolite is truly grateful to have such a capable and successful employee. Thank you, and congratulations, Kaitlin!