Rebecca Keyser works as the Sales Support Supervisor at Purolite’s Global Headquarters. Rebecca serves as a liaison between Purolite’s customers and sales teams to facilitate order fulfillments and logistics. Rebecca explained, “In this role, I have an opportunity to interact with people from every level of this business and that is something I truly value.” 

Rebecca embraces the daily challenges that come with working for a global organization and maintains an optimistic outlook about each situation. “We always make it through with some lessons learned and continue to evolve.” Rebecca hopes to further expand her knowledge of procurement and production processes to help support the streamlining of operating procedures.

“She has been an important person in helping the Life Sciences business, reaching out to customers and keeping them satisfied,” stated Fred Ghanem, Sales Manager. Greg Kruger, Western Sales Manager for Life Sciences noted, “Customers find Rebecca to be incredibly helpful and we would not have had this level of success without her efforts.”

When asked her favorite part about working for Purolite, her response was “My colleagues, of course!” Rebecca appreciates the relationships that she has developed and that she is surrounded by people that have a sense of humor, who show up every day and give Purolite everything that they’ve got. “When you have people that you enjoy working alongside, it changes everything,” Another aspect that Rebecca touched on was how much she enjoys the company culture. “Working alongside the president, executive vice president, and vice president daily, it creates a sense of solidarity in the mission." This goes to show that when you work for Purolite, you are part of the Purolite family!

Thank you, Rebecca, for keeping Purolite connected – in the U.S. as well as globally – your continuous hard work and efforts are appreciated! Congratulations!