Nomble Lee Joins Purolite's Applications Team

October 7, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – Purolite is proud to welcome Nomblé Lee to the Applications Team! Nomblé joins Purolite as Applications Engineer, and will assist the Sales Team in answering customer’s questions and solving application issues using her strong understanding of resin technology. She will also work in the lab to help develop new resins and products. In this new position, she will report to Francis Boodoo, Director of Applied Technologies.

Nomblé graduated from Temple University, in Philadelphia, PA, and received her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. “I come from a science background, and have always enjoyed engineering. I am really passionate about the environment, specifically water,” Nomblé shares. After graduation, she spent time with Johnson Matthey, a chemical production company, before coming to with Purolite.

Nomblé found Purolite by working with a recruiting service. “I loved the idea of working with a company that offered me diversity. In my position here, I will get to perform a mix of office duties, while not completely leaving the lab. Purolite stood out to me as a great company to work for when I saw how easygoing and understanding the people here are. I value structure, but also being able to utilize my creativity and implement my own ideas, which I think I will be able to accomplish with Purolite.”

Organized, creative, easygoing, and friendly are adjectives Nomblé uses to describe herself. She is excited to meet the people at Purolite, and she hopes that her colleagues will also be good friends. She enjoys water purification and the technology behind it. She also is a strong communicator, and hopes to use her technical knowledge to help translate complicated technical ideas into concepts and vocabulary that are easier for the sales team and customers to understand. Nomblé’s area of specialty is water purification and heavy metal removal. She is familiar with Microsoft Suite, and is learning to use Purolite’s intranet. She also holds a First-Aid certification.

In her free time, Nomblé spends time with her family, visits downtown Philadelphia, and visits Fairmount park’s hiking trails like Green Valley and Wissahickon. She also mentors students interested in the STEM program. She comes to Purolite from Mt. Aires, Philadelphia. Her favorite place to travel to is New Orleans, because of the delicious food and interesting culture. She loves elephants because they remind her of her grandmother. Her most out-there talent is being able to determine a person’s birth order, and zodiac sign, usually accurately.

On joining Purolite, Nomblé shares, “I have a passion for advancing current communications lines and improving water quality and hope to contribute my skills to my team. I look forward to working with everyone here!”

Welcome to the team, Nomble! We are sure you will accomplish great things.

Contact Information
Nomblé Lee
Applications Engineer
Philadelphia, PA
T +1 (610) 668-9090