Joshua Antonacci Joins Purolite's Technical Team In the USA

March 5, 2019 — Philadelphia, PA — Purolite is excited to welcome Joshua Antonacci to our G-Street Technical Team. He will assume the role of Ion Exchange Chemist; responsible for production support, analytical method development, application development, and process development. Joshua holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Clarion University, and comes to Purolite with experience in precious metal characterization, and testing support for pharmaceuticals. In his new position, he will report to Stephen Moylan, Technical Manager.

When considering a new position, Purolite stood out to Joshua as an opportunity to solve problems through application and procedure analysis. “It seemed fun. I enjoy problem solving, and am excited to have an opportunity to work in an industry that deals more closely with the chemistry I studied during college,” he explains.

Joshua specializes in analysis and troubleshooting; skills that were in high demand in his previous position at Eurofins Lancaster Labs. He hopes that he can use his experience to increase the plant’s efficiency and establish more effective procedures.

“I strongly believe in working smarter, not harder. I want to help out my fellow co-workers and department as a whole by analyzing our current processes, and finding an easier path to achieve the same results,” Joshua mentions. “I want to make work easier on others.”

In his free time, Joshua enjoys running, homebrewing, and music. He also enjoys problem solving and DIY house projects. Joshua comes to Purolite from Havertown, PA. He has a pet bunny, who he mentions enjoys to chew on wires, and will be getting married this upcoming June.

On his new position, Joshua would like the team to know, “I have a strong background in process and procedure analysis, and look forward to utilizing that in process and application development here at Purolite.” Purolite is excited to welcome Joshua to the team!

Contact Information
Joshua Antonacci
Ion Exchange Chemist
Philadelphia, PA
T +1 (610) 668-9090