James Costa joins Purolite as Warehouse and Materials Manager

We are pleased to announce that James Costa has joined Purolite as our Warehouse and Materials Manager at the G Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania manufacturing site. James will report to Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director, and assume complete responsibility for inventory control, material handling, shipping, receiving, packing, warehousing, logistics and supply chain operations. He will manage the direction and coordination of all warehousing personnel and internal and external material movement within G Street as well as import/export supply chain activities.

James received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and his Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware. Since graduating, he has gained experience in warehousing having worked previously for companies such as PPG Industries and Pep Boys and has obtained certifications in IATA and ISO 9001.

James coordinated shipping and warehouse operations for his previous employer where he increased shipping production efficiency by 30% and decreased overall packaging errors by 60%. James created improvement plans for shipping by analyzing each step in the process from label printing to final shipment. Purolite is excited to see how James leverages his background and experience in improving overall warehouse efficiency.

Please join us in welcoming James to the team!

Contact Information:
James Costa
Warehouse & Materials Manager
Office: 610-668-9090 ext. 273
3620 G Street
Philadelphia, PA, USA