Anna Luna, Human Resource Generalist at the G-Street Plant, has been selected as Purolite's Employee of The Month!

July 15th, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – Purolite is excited to announce that Anna Luna, Human Resource Generalist, has been selected as Purolite’s Employee of the Month, July 2019. Anna was nominated by Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director, who indicated Anna is an employee with an “openness to take on new challenges and embrace projects as opportunities to learn and gain experience.”

Anna joined the human resources field when working at a staffing agency. She was hired as a recruiter, but the role quickly morphed into a full-scale Human Resources position. In this position, she gained experience with communications, benefits and many of the other responsibilities she has today. After this experience as a Human Resources professional, Anna shares that she knows Human Resources is a career to move forward with, and something she is good at.

Here at Purolite, Anna manages many HR aspects, such as payroll, on boarding, benefits, employee identification badges, supply orders, medical reimbursements, employee engagement, and recruitments; as well as organizing companywide events to help improve employee involvement. Some of her favorite projects to have worked on while at Purolite include organizing events, and working with different agencies and companies in an effort to help raise employee engagement.

In the nomination, Warner noted that Anna successfully served a dual-role in the Human Resource Department when the company was in need.

For the past few months, Anna has functioned as both Human Resources Generalist, and Human Resources Manager, performing the daily tasks and responsibilities of both roles. While handling the HR Manager role, Anna was put in the position to manage the open enrollment – an especially tricky task with this year’s transfer to a new, paperless system. Anna spent days meeting with each individual employee and showing them how to register, access, and navigate the new system. While managing both roles, Anna never wavered from her responsibilities as HR generalist, recruiting new laboratory and technical personnel, a new warehouse manager, and even assisting the company to recruit a new HR Manager.

“I am proud of having been able to take on the responsibilities of two HR roles successfully. I am also proud of the environment I have been a part of creating here at the plant. I feel solid in my relationships with my other employees, and am happy that people feel comfortable to come to me and express their wants, needs, and concerns,” Anna shares about the pride she takes in her career.

“As I became more involved, I realized that it is all just a learning curve. Having had the opportunity to take on these extra tasks, I feel more versed and able to entirely provide support to the other employees here, and more fully understand my own role within HR,” Anna shares. Anna is currently seeking her Senior Professional Certificate in Human Resources (SPHR) accreditation.

During her time here, Anna explains that she is happy to have had the opportunity to explore more of the benefits aspects of HR, manage Open Enrollment, and learned to complete many of the responsibilities of an HR Manager. She enjoys helping others, and is happy to help her fellow co-workers find solutions when they come to her with a problem or request.

Anna’s favorite hobbies outside of work include traveling, and spending time with her family. She looks up to her husband, who began and has grown his own business. She is motivated to be successful as a HR Generalist “to provide an example to her children of what hard work will earn.” She relays.

“I am glad for the time I have spent here and the opportunities I have had to gain experience in new portions of my job, and I look forward to applying this forward to further provide support and resources to the employees here at Purolite,” Anna mentions.

Warner Jarnagin commended Anna’s high level of energy, and willingness to contribute outside of her job scope – a sign of a true member of the team. “Anna has not only excelled at her own responsibilities, and those of Human Resource Manager, but she has also worked to create an environment where people feel comfortable to approach her, and are confident that Anna will solve any problem or concern they bring to her. Thank you Anna for far exceeding your responsibilities these past few months!” Warner concludes.

Congratulations Anna! Her positive energy and sense of responsibility have kept the plant running smoothly and without problems, making Anna a valued member of the team!