Congratulations to Purolite's Employee of the Month, November 2019!

November 15, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – Purolite is excited to announce that Scott Haldeman, Ion Exchange Chemist at Purolite’s production plant in Philadelphia, has been awarded Employee of the Month, November 2019! Scott works in the laboratory, performing troubleshooting analyses, synthesis, research projects, applications projects, and quality control. He was nominated by Steve Moylan, Technical Services Manager, who named Scott “an incredible asset to the technical staff.”

Scott has been with Purolite for nearly five years. Before joining our technical team, he worked at a handful of other chemical plants assisting with synthesis and other reactions. He found Purolite through a former co-worker, who recommended a position that he thought Scott would enjoy. “Since coming to Purolite, it’s been the most amazing change. The people here are an awesome team to be a part of, and we all get along really well. Plus, Purolite’s increasing focus on safety has created an awesome location to work at,” Scott explains.

One of the larger projects Scott has completed throughout his time with Purolite is the development of the SSTPCR line of products. Taking feedback and requests from sales representatives and customers into consideration, Scott developed a new product line to better meet the needs of our customers, and increase the efficiency of the resin.

“The best feeling is finally finishing completing project and getting to see the finished product. Completing the SSTPCR line was an amazing experience, seeing all the work I put towards the product line finally be put into use,” Scott shares.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys spending time with family, hiking, and working on his car. He is proud of his musical ability, having played the drums in a band making songs, albums, and performing.

Steve has observed Scott’s dedication to Purolite through his willingness to take on extra projects or extra work, coming into the lab to finish projects in his free time, and commitment to safety in the lab. He specifically highlighted that Scott produces consistent work, and is dependable. Scott’s dedication to safety has helped motivate other members of the team to be more aware of their safety practices in the plant. To protect himself, Scott wears his personal protection equipment, and carefully considers his actions before performing a test or synthesis. He also supports the other members of the team by helping them to correct unsafe behavior, staying aware of the current situation, and keeping an eye out for them.

“With Scott, everything is completed on time. I enjoy working with him because we get along well. We share a vision of what we would like to bring to the company, and it is clear that Scott really appreciates the work that we do,” Steve shares on why he enjoys working with Scott.

“I’m motivated by what we do here at Purolite. When I come into work, I know my contributions will help to clean the world’s water, and assist many different industries in solving application problems. I come to the plant every day proud that my efforts will help better the world,” Scott shares.

Congratulations, Scott! Your consistent efforts and dedication are appreciated!