Doree Jacobs Promoted to Purchasing Assistant

October 7, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – Purolite is happy to announce the promotion of Doree Jacobs to the position of Purchasing Assistant. In this new role, Doree will assist the Purchasing Department with purchase orders for our production plants in China and Romania. She will also monitor and update the purchasing ISO files, monitor receipts, and process orders. In this new position, she will report to Jack Dolan, Director of Purchasing.

Doree has been with Purolite for nine years. She initially connected with Purolite through a friend of hers, who was a recruiter at the time. After five weeks of working as the Receptionist, Purolite offered her a full-time position in the Customer Services Department. Throughout her time with Purolite, Doree has assisted or been a part of nearly every department. She spent time in Customer Service as a representative, assisted the Marketing Team on multiple occasions with Trade Show planning and logistics, worked with Accounting and Finance on budgeting and reporting, and even worked with the IT Team to learn and assist with management of our purchase order systems.

“Some of my biggest accomplishments here have been related to my ability to quickly learn and understand a new function or task. For example, I worked with IT to learn the new purchase order system, and then went to the plant to train the personnel there on how to use it. It was a fun project to be a part of. Some of the other things I am proud of having accomplished here have been stepping in multiple times to help the marketing team when they needed someone to temporarily fulfill the functions of Trade Show Manager, and memorizing all of our phone extensions and international phone numbers as Purolite’s Receptionist,” Doree happily shares.

Doree describes her new position as busy, diverse, challenging, collaborative, and adventurous, and shares that she looks forward for the opportunity to meet and work with more people from our international offices. Her ability to handle diverse tasks, stay organized, and manage her time made her an excellent candidate for this new position.

“Doree has really proven herself capable of handling many different roles and functions within the company, and has been involved in purchasing for nearly five years. As the purchasing role expands, Doree was a strong candidate for this promotion because she is qualified to handle the additional responsibilities,” adds Jack Dolan.

Outside of work, Doree loves spending time with her grandchildren. She also enjoys gardening, crafts, and traveling - “even if it’s only upstate,” she jokes. She comes to Purolite from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

“I’ve really loved the challenges, and opportunities for accomplishment that Purolite has offered me throughout my time here. I am happy to have the backing of my manager, who takes the time to appreciate my work and sees the potential I could have in various roles throughout the company. It’s also been awesome to get to know everyone at Purolite, and I like that my co-workers are friendly and kind around the office,” Doree notes on why she has enjoyed working with Purolite.

Doree’s new position will involve cleaning up many of our current systems so that they are easier to use and less cluttered. This task will require accuracy, careful watch and advanced planning, because she will be challenged to consider not only the current inventory, but also the shipping and handling processing time for new materials or products. “I’m excited to learn more about Purolite’s products and applications in this new position. I want to better understand the import/export supply chain and further my knowledge of the functions of my new position so that I can play my role in ensuring the operational success of our production plants,” Doree explains.

“Doree has an expanded understanding of the company, and the functions she will be expected to accomplish in her new role. I am sure she will do well,” praises Jack Dolan.

On her new position, Doree would like us to know, “I am excited to take this challenge on, and put my best effort into succeeding in my new role as Purchasing Assistant.”

Congratulations, Doree! We are sure you will excel with these new responsibilities.