Anamaria Teodoru Beatrice Joins Romanian Team

June 3rd, 2019 – Victoria, Romania – Purolite has welcomed a new Chemical Engineer to the Romanian Team, Anamaria Teodoru Beatrice. Anamaria comes to Purolite with a background in science and research. In this new position, she will look into new pharmaceutical and health related applications for our products; reporting to Dan Petrascu, Production Manager.

Anamaria found Purolite through an online job board. When considering a new position, her three top priorities, she shares, are: the name of the company and how it is recognized for its contributions to society and improving industrial applications; the possibility for personal and professional growth, as well as self-development; and the benefits associated with the position. She is also a fan of smaller office environments. “When I came across Purolite, and saw that it met all of my wants and needs for a new position, I was excited to join the team,” she shares.

Anamaria graduated from Politehnica University of Bucharest with a Bachelor’s Degree in “Technology of Organic Compounds.” She then returned to the same university to complete her Master’s Degree in “The Chemistry of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Products,” and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, which she received from both Politehnica University of Bucharest, and partly from the Delft University of Technology, located in Netherlands. She is able to speak Dutch, and some Spanish and German.

At work, Anamaria's areas of focus are chemical science and the research skills she has accumulated from her previous academic jobs. Before joining Purolite’s team, Anamaria was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Delft University of Technology, gaining experience in the study of contaminants from biogas and developing gas cleaning units for gasifier-solid oxide fuel cell integrated systems. She is certain that her fellow co-workers will appreciate her experience, along with her professionalism, honesty, ambitiousness, and ability to push forward.

“My specialties, in terms of skills, are my ability to self-motivate, to work under pressure, to manage my time effectively, and to adapt to new projects and situations. I am happy to bring these skills forward with me into this new position here at Purolite,” Anamaria explains, “I am motivated by my ambition, and wish to thrive in everything I apply my focus to; and this role will not be an exception.”

Anamaria currently lives in Victoria City, Brasov County, Romania, although she is originally from Constanta, Romania’s main harbor. She is interested in fitness, and enjoys healthy food and exercise such as hiking, travelling, and exploring the local mountains.

“I have a strong scientific background, and an open mind to new experiences and acquiring new knowledge. I look forward to using my strong analytical skills and background in chemistry to bring success to Purolite,” Anamaria comments on her new position.

Welcome to the company Anamaria! We are excited to have you on the team.