Mardaru Anamaria Joins Technical Team

May 25, 2019 – Victoria, Romania – Purolite is excited to welcome the newest member of the technical team, Anamaria Mardaru. With an extensive background in chemical engineering and understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering, civil regulations, and instrumentation, Mardaru will assume the position of Process Engineer. In her new position, she will report to Catalin Zaharia, Project Manager.

Anamaria heard about Purolite through her previous job, and applied through an online job board. She was searching for a position that would challenge her and further develop her professional skills. “My educational and professional experience makes me competent to perform specific process design calculations, and provide input and support for the other departments processes’ safety and general design documentation. I can address this depending on the phase of the design, (Concept, FEED, DDE) in order to obtain good results. I was looking for the opportunity to spend more time streamlining and perfecting these skills, and then I found Purolite,” she shares.

Anamaria enjoys small, personable office environments. She hopes her co-workers will appreciate her communication, organization, and problem-solving skills. She believes that assuming responsibility is part of being a helpful asset to a team, and plans to show her fellow co-workers that she is motivated, resilient, and balanced. Some aspects of her position she specifically enjoys include understanding new concepts, teamwork, interpersonal communication, effectively conveying new concepts to her team members, planning, and resource and time management. She comes to Purolite with an understanding of how to assess, elaborate on, and develop a project, as well as prepare technical documentation for chemical processes. She also brings with her a strong ability to fine tune process parameters of a production unit in a reasonable way to help reach optimal economic gain.

Anamaria studied Chemical Engineering, earning her Bachelor’s degree from the University Politehnica Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry and Material Science. She then completed her Master’s degree in Advanced Separation and Purification, before finally earning her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Before coming to Purolite, she worked at a chemical company, S.C. Chimconmplex S.A. Borzesti, located in Romania. She considers her specialty to be Chemical Engineering, with a general understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering, and instrumentation. She can speak both English and French.

She currently resides in Victoria City, Romania with her son Stefan. Some of her hobbies include travelling, walking, and reading. She is motivated by her desire to perform well, and her ambitions to accept responsibility and practice her skills with or through her co-workers, and further developing her technical knowledge.

On her new position, Anamaria shares, “I am aware that when I decided to go into this field, I had to be passionate about what I chose to do, to invest resources, and be willing to push through hard work, and that all of that will come along with this new position, but that doesn’t frighten me, and I am ready to do my best here at Purolite.”

Welcome to the Team Anamaria! We are excited to see what you accomplish.