Case Study for CalB immo Plus Immobilized Enzyme

In addition to a complete range of enzyme carriers - Lifetech™ ECR, the Purolite team has developed ready-to-use immobilized enzymes for a variety of applications in industry. The immobilized enzymes developed at Purolite cover different groups such as transferases, hydrolases, isomerases,etc

CalB immo Plus is one success story involving the joint development of an immobilized enzyme with c-Lecta. CalB immo Plus is an immobilized, recombinant Lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB), produced by microbial fermentation with Pichia pastoris, immobilized by adsorption on a robust Lifetech™ ECR resin (ECR1030M, a DVB/methacrylate co-polymer). This immobilized enzyme finds many different applications in industry, as presented in Figure 1.

The key features of CalB immo Plus are:

  • High mechanical stability (Fig. 2)
  • Good recyclability (Fig. 3)
  • No leaching in full organic solvent or water
  • High activity (Fig. 4)


Figure 1. Overview of possible reactions and media catalysed by CalB

Figure 2. Comparative mechanical stability test- CalB immo Plus is less prone to attrition

  1. CalB immo Plus displays outstanding mechanical stability.
  2. The alternative commercial product shows extensive breakage at the end of the batch attrition test.


Figure 3. Operational recyclability of CalB immo Plus


Figure 4. Amidation and esterification performance of CalB immo Plus

Esterification reaction of 2-heptanol and acetic acid to form 2-heptyl acetate. Each cycle was run for four hours in the presence of heptane at 30⁰C. The experiment was performed in a SpinChem® device ( with CalB immo Plus being stored in heptane between cycles.


The CalB immo Plus provides similar, or better, esterification and amidation enzyme activity versus a leading competitor product.

The synergy between a robust recombinant over-expression system with an outstanding polymer for enzyme adsorption makes CalB
immo Plus a superior product; outperforming other commercial preparations.

Lifetech™ ECR resins lead the market in a range of available porosities, particle sizes, functional groups and chemistries. Immobilized enzymes on Lifetech™ ECR resins expand the biocatalysis portfolio, offering robust, cost-effective and efficient ready-to-use biocatalysts.



Purolite’s team of world-class researchers and scientists continuously develop novel, high performance and customized products. Collaborations with other industry organizations and research institutes all over the world, aim to produce the most advanced resin technology products available.  Our desire to deliver quality is reflected in all our products.