Todd Stephens, Pennsylvania State Representative, Visits Purolite

September 10, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA – Today, Purolite welcomed Pennsylvania State Representative Mr. Todd Stephens, to our Philadelphia Ion exchange resin production plant. Mr. Stephens represents the 151st Legislative District and is greatly concerned with PFAS contaminated water systems in his district. Purolite invited Mr. Stephens in to talk about how ion exchange resin is proven to be the best and most effective available technology for removing these compounds and to discuss how the new PADEP guidelines that declare resin, a 50+ year old technology, to be an innovative product for PFAS removal. This designation requires resin to be tested at a cost of $500K over five years, and will stop ongoing testing that already shows its safety and efficacy.

Mr. Stephens is fighting for a technology that can remove short and long chain PFAS to non-detect levels.It is proven that resin is the best technology to do this. PFAS compounds are linked to adverse health effects and have exceeded acceptable levels in Horsham, PA and at many other sites around the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Stephens met with Purolite’s PFAS remediation expert team headed by Francis Boodoo, Director of Applied Technologies, Ted Begg, East Coast Sales Director, and Joe Klimek, Northeast Regional Sales Manager in addition to Jacob Brodie, Vice President and Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director. The goal of the Purolite team was to educate him on the technology, answer any ion exchange resin questions and help him for discussions with the PADEP.

Francis Boodoo led the technical discussion along with Ted Begg and Joe Klimek. They shared the properties of Purolite’s resin products, their benefits and effectiveness in treating PFAS as well as an in-depth technical explanation of water chemistry and other factors affected by the use of IEX resin. Mr. Stephens asked questions and raised concerns about the properties of IEX resin and its effects on the water. Resin has been used for 50+ years to treat drinking water and is well established in municipal drinking water remediation. Francis presented the results of the successful pilot-testing program being done over the past two years at the Horsham, PA and Warminster, PA wells reducing PFAS to non-detect.

Mr. Stephens was given a plant tour, lab tour and overview of the global operations of the Purolite Corporation. Purolite thanks Mr. Stephens for taking an interest in our operations, expertise and considering our technology as a solution to a very significant problem; and look forward to working with Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives as we become more involved in the efforts to treat PFAS in drinking water.

To learn more about Purolite’s products for treating PFAS contamination, please visit https://www.purolite.com/industry/potable---groundwater/removal-of-poly--and-perfluoroalkyl-substances